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weControl provides several kinds of services complementary to its Flight Control Systems [FCS].

Flight Control System Firmware

weControl adapts flight controllers to each UAV and customizes algorithms in order to increase flight and service performances.

Hardware integration

In order to fit mechanically and electrically each UAV, weControl may help you to fully integrate the FCS, and could also make dedicated designs.

Software utilities

weControl provides standard or enhanced Ground Control Station [GCS] to control your aircraft remotely as well as to define mission plans for the standalone mode.


Company History

weControl has gathered experience since the last 15 past years in UAVs and autopilots and is internationally recognized for the reliability of its products.

  • 1996

    Kick off

    History kick off with the participation of the ETHZ student team at International Aerial Robotics Competition

  • 2000

    weControl's birth

    Creation of an ETHZ spin-off at Zurich (CH) - Founders: Chapuis/Eck/Kottmann/Sanvido. First autopilots [wePilot1000] were developed (global firmware and flight control algorithms)

  • 2003


    EADS/Survey-Copter/weControl consortium wan French military contract (DRAC program). Up to 300 aircrafts have been sold and used, all equipped with wePilot2000 autopilots, the second family of autopilots designed for fixed-wing aircrafts.

  • 2007


    Merge of Survey-Copter and weControl at Pierrelatte (FR)

  • 2009

    Switzerland new site

    weControl facility opened at Courtelary (CH).

  • 2011


    Survey-Copter/weControl becomes subsidiary of EADS (now Airbus Defense & Space part of Airbus Group)

  • 2013

    New product generation

    wePilot3000 and wePilot4000 new families designed

  • 2014+


    Tens of wePilot3000 and wePilot4000 sold and configured in several different aircrafts

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